Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Twenty years ago...

I have a group of students(they teach me as much as I teach them)/colleagues that I work with on a regular basis. One of them has introduced me to the new waves of thought in the "mystic Heathen" catagory.
When I started twenty years ago, resources were not as rich and varied as they are today.
Freya Aswinn's Leaves of Yggdrasil was my first guide to the Nine Worlds and my relationship to their residents, followed by Kvedulf Gundarrson's Teutonic Magic and Teutonic Religion. And of course I read all the Eddas and sagas as well as any source that vaguely touched upon Norse thought.
As I travelled the country( I move around alot) I met, practiced with and enjoyed talking with many in the Asatru community. I was introduced to Diana Paxson's writing on the Asatru and I am very impressed by her, but despite my respect for many of the people I met and my bone deep grounding in the Norse worldview, I wasn't Asatru.
Despite my training in magic, I wasn't Wiccan either.
I was doing healings, wardings, readings, lifting curses, cleansing houses, talking to dead people, leading rituals and teaching others, all the things my deities of choice trained me to do.
But I was stuck between sharing the worldview but not the work with Asatrur and the work but not the worldview with other solitary practitioners of things as varied as ceremonial magic to core shamanism.
So my colleague gives me a book by Raven Kaldera called A Pathwalker's Guide to the Nine Worlds. And I'm reading it and saying "Wow, so that's what I've been doing for twenty years! How wonderful someone came up with names for all of this!"
Now, not everything Kaldera discusses is part of my beliefs or my practice. But it's closer than anything else I've seen before. So I'm impressed by the work, even if I'm not influenced by it.
Then my colleague gave me a copy of Paxson's Trance-portation and I'm reading it and saying, "Wow, someone came up with a textbook to teach all the things I learned hit and miss! I can use this and my students' experience will be so much less painful!"
I've also been introduced to blogs and blogging. I'm stunned at how much easier it has become to share experiences and information across a wide spectrum of thought and belief. So I thought I'd add my voice.
Read in peace

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  1. I'm ecstatic that you started a blog about these various topics! I'll definitely be reading this on a regular basis. :)