Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I've been reading about the idea/construct/concept "godslave" recently.
I am a servant to my deities of choice.
However, my experience with them is that the terms of my service are negotiable.

In my experience, my lady Freyja influences/controls/cares for the aspects of life that deal with sex, transformation and death(if you are an astrologer, 8th house issues).

When I first started serving my lady Freyja, I was single, childless, young and attractive. Therefore to serve her by healing the hearts and esteem of others through sex and intimacy was appropriate and fun.

Then, I gave birth to my son. I no longer had the time or the inclination to practice sex magic or sexual healing. My lady Freyja was very loving about my choice and she asked me to work with transformational work, healing the hearts and esteem of others through helping them see other ways to approach their world and their problems. I spent much time counseling others, volunteering at suicide hotlines and tutoring.

Once my son reached kindergarten age, I felt I could again serve in a sexual way. My lady Freyja and I negotiated a different kind of dynamic, more intimacy and less sex, but she was happy and so was I.

Then, I met my second husband. Part of his wyrd was to be monogamous. I loved him, so after going to my lady Freyja, I agreed. She was very loving about my choice and she asked me to work with death, helping others deal with the the guilt, pain, despair and rage that comes with a personal or familial terminal illness. I worked in hospices, hospitals and at the last, I cared for my son's father for the last two years of his life.

And since I divorced my second husband, I'm practicing aspects of all three of the spheres that I've learned. And my lady Freyja and I are both very happy with that.

My experiences with Odin are similar.
When he first came to me, he picked me for my intellect, my writing ability. I wrote for him and about him. I studied comparative religions and taught others about the Nordic worldview.
There have been times when I got caught up in the mundane and didn't spend as much time as I had previously doing the work Odin asks of me. But he's very indulgent about it.

I'm still negotiating with Hel.
Her charge to me during my initiation was to learn and show an alternate view of her. Rather than only the fierce destructive side of death, with a strong emphasis on its physical horrors, but also the goddess that brings an end to pain, rage and despair. She is impatient with my progress, but understanding about my need to understand so that I may serve well.

Service is a sacred task. But I belong to me. And I am responsible for my own choices.
If I decided tomorrow to walk away from all of my deities of choice, I believe I could do it without penalty or sanction.

I'm using "in my experience" often in this entry. Because unlike people of the book(Christians, Jews, Muslims) or people of many books(Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist) we have a limited amount of lore and it all has questionable provenance.
UPG is filling in those blanks. But what if someone else's UPG doesn't grokk with yours?

Then you fall back on "in my experience" Your mileage will most certainly vary.

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